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  • Brett Fazio

    Brett Fazio

    Writing about Tech, Careers, & Internships. Intern @ Apple, Google, Lockheed

  • Mohammad Darmousa

    Mohammad Darmousa

    Software Enginer

  • Azat Mardan

    Azat Mardan

    Software Engineering Leader | ex-Technology Fellow at Capital One | Author of books

  • Hugo Rocha

    Hugo Rocha

    Engineering Lead @ Farfetch

  • Monika Sharma

    Monika Sharma

    Data Scientist https://www.linkedin.com/in/monikaasharma/

  • Sameed H. Khan

    Sameed H. Khan

    Software Engineer

  • Pavel Yeliseev

    Pavel Yeliseev

    Writing about people, business and IT at https://pavelyeliseev.com/

  • Johan Loeckx

    Johan Loeckx

    Professor @ Artificial Intelligence Lab Brussels (VUB), leading the applied R&D team and lifelong learning efforts. Passionate about music, education and AI.

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