Top 4 AI Technologies (IMO)

Hi everyone, for this article, we will be taking a slightly different approach from out past work in which we talked more about a concept than current technologies. Please note that this list is completely based on my preference and favourites but it should give you a very elaborate example to base off of.

Let’s just jump right into it!

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

One of the coolest parts about Artificial Intelligence is its ability to closely mimic a human’s decision making. With Natural Language Generation, this idea gets a whole lot cooler! It converts data into a native language! Isn’t that amazing? This is a subset of Artificial Intelligence in which engineers automate content and deliver in the desired format. With this automated content, engineers can promote business models/products on various social platforms, and other media to reach the targeted audience.

There are algorithms tasked to convert the data into a desirable format per the user’s request. Here is a very helpful article that breaks the NLG concept: What is NLG (Natural Language Generation) in 3 minutes … › blog › what-is-nlg-natural-languag…

Speech Recognition

Imagine a computer being able to comprehend human speech, understand human actions and respond with a task/action. Unbelievable right!? I was always under the presumption that “binary” was something I’d have to familiarize myself with, but it looks like I am good!

A common example is Siri that Apple created. It is able to convert speech, decode it and reply with the best possible response (algorithms)!

Here is a more in-depth look at Speech Recognition:

Machine Learning

The capability for a machine to understand data and use algorithms to develop high-end analysis for business intelligence is a very ground-breaking adaptation. This is machine learning.

Machine Learning has traversed so much in industry that now many different fields from Healthcare to E-Commerce heavily rely on it. One of the most prominent fields that depend on machine learning are banks. When dealing with critical information and financial documents/accounts, security becomes top most priority. Machine learning acts as the “security” for that system.

By being able to gather and analyze customer data, machine learning deems effective in predicting the client’s preferences and variable consume behaviours.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a very prominent term/topic in the field of Artificial Intelligence and it plays a very important part in many fields and companies. It uses a little something called “neural networks”. What are neural networks? Let’s get a definition for that from the internet:

Neural network is a series of algorithms that endeavours to recognize underlying relationships in a set of data through a process that mimics the way the human brain operates.

Deep Learning works by teaching computers and machines to learn by example; similar to the way humans do. The term “deep” is associated because it uses several layers in neural networks.

What Deep Learning essentially does is it uses algorithms working in a hierarchy to automate predictive analytics. It contributes in multiple domains like aerospace and military to detect objects from satellites. It also helps in improving worker safety by identifying risk incidents when a worker gets close to a machine, helps to detect cancer cells and much much more.


This was a much shorter article but these are some areas of Artificial Intelligence that intrigued me personally and wanted to share!

Hopefully this gives you a general idea to start off your journey in Artificial Intelligence!

Thank you very much for giving my article a read!

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